to life by design


I’m Tong , a UX designer and student of life!
I’m freelance designer on mission to improve human experiences through design . My dream interests focus on UX Design.


UX/UI Design & Website

Website design consumers reference the process of creating visual elements of a website for distribution to users. The color schemes, typography or fonts, imagery, layout and overall graphical appearance are typically forefront of one’s mind as a visible demonstration of careful planning and design formation.

LOGO & Packaging

For best results, an experienced graphic designer will be needed to either update your existing corporate identity or to carve you something new from the amorphous ideas locked inside your brain. Typically something as important as this requires a lot of conversation with you the client, to perfectly encapsulate and project the intended goal and vision of your business. 

Infographics & VDO editor

Your story’s unique. Tell it differently with custom video & animation services

Banner & Social media ads

Graphic design to the planning and projection of visual communication through the use of imagery, words, space, typography or fonts, and color palettes.